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I need 8 people willing to commit to saving money in a jar at their house...If I can get more great but right now I just need 8 willing to take this journey with me...they must be willing to not touch this jar NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENSThis is what I did for my own son up until this matter how bad times got I did not touch Tre Boy money...two times I even got into a heated argument with my hubby but I DID NOT AND WILL NOT touch his takes GREAT SACRIFICE TO DO IT...but it can be done!..Now this is a 2 year challenge...which means we will be saving in this jar together over the next 24 will need to add more jars along the way...but we will do this together! I am going to call this the J.A.M challenge...for JarAccountabilityMoney 'cause that's all we are going to do together and that's all the ingredients we need to saveRight now I am going to tag some people to ask them to join in with me...some will be my family.....Hopefully they are willing to commit...Some will be people who have the same exact vices as me...Some will be the Man of the house but we want you and your wives to join in...some are even people who Read more
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