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I need 8 people willing to commit to saving money in a jar at their house...If I can get more great but right now I just need 8 willing to take this journey with me...they must be willing to not touch this jar NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS
This is what I did for my own son up until this point...no matter how bad times got I did not touch Tre Boy money...two times I even got into a heated argument with my hubby but I DID NOT AND WILL NOT touch his money...it takes GREAT SACRIFICE TO DO IT...but it can be done!..Now this is a 2 year challenge...which means we will be saving in this jar together over the next 24 months...you will need to add more jars along the way...but we will do this together!

I am going to call this the J.A.M challenge...for


'cause that's all we are going to do together and that's all the ingredients we need to save
Right now I am going to tag some people to ask them to join in with me...some will be my family.....Hopefully they are willing to commit...Some will be people who have the same exact vices as me...Some will be the Man of the house but we want you and your wives to join in...some are even people who told me in the past they wanted to save money but didnt invest back then and I am not sure if they are investing now (hopefully they are)...
If not lets start now and lets make it to the finish line....Obviously I can not tag everybody on my friends list...so even if you are not tagged but want to join ...post your jar below
Okay not only can you not touch the money in this jar...you also must commit to figuring out how to get the money in the jar...because it will be a sacrifice you will have to give up some things...you also may have to figure out what to do to contribute to your jar...like sale some stuff, trade some stuff or cut some grass...whatever you got to do to get the money in your jar...
We will be accountability partners...some will fall off but you got to make sure you are not that someone!!!!...that's it...no gimmicks at all..Some of you may rather to not join us but save alone...thats cool too...whatever works for you...but for those who would like to join in...let's challenge each other to save...will you join me?
My hubby Leonard Ross will be posting videos to help start us off...and I will be posting videos or pictures to help us keep it going and to stay mindful and motivated...If you are willing to join in with me...I am asking for you to seek out a jar in your house to get started...POST THE PIC BELOW OF THE JAR...dont just like this stat...post your jar so we know you are on board...I will repeat this same stat for 8 days to hopefully get as many on board as possible to join in...remember some days will be hard and some days you will feel anxiety or even depression but you will find a way!!...because we must!!!...to get your jar filled up..
Below is my jar...I already saved up the jars to get started just got to get the money started in them now...so post your jar below..any old jar..and tomorrow is our 1st day of saving!...no worries we start really small tomorrow...it will only be 1 penny to start...can't wait for you to join me!!

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